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About Empowered Publishing

Empowered Publishing is a full-service company that not only creates co-authored books or digital magazines we also support each individuals creative journey from start to finish.

Our team includes expert publishers, designers and passionate readers dedicated to discovering and empowering talented leaders who want to step up and share their story and empower others regardless of if they are writers or non-writers.

Our platform provides individuals with the tools and processes that facilitate and empower them to be heard, whether it be helping them turn their story into a book through our easy and effective book writing system, creating their own magazine, or understanding their ROI. We pride ourselves on offering a fully supported system.

Our obligation is to empower women (individuals) through our platforms which then inspires them to empower others, as we know empowered people empower!

Unlock the Magic Within

Magic Seeker, Mumpreneur and Speaker, Tammie is dedicated to helping you unlock the magic within you and your life.

Tammie Pike is the CEO & Creator of Empowered Publishing, Mumpreneur Movement & Loved by Gaia. She has collaborated and worked with the likes of Elizabeth Gilbert, Lisa Messenger, Denise Duffield-Thomas and in March 2021 at the Ultimate Girls Week Away in Vietnam, Gabrielle Bernstein.

Since 2015 Tammie has been inspiring the lives of thousands of others from around the world on & offline through her coaching, mentoring, courses, retreats, resources & events over the last 5 years.

Tammie knows what it takes to rise from the ashes, focusing on the importance mindset, self-belief and having the strength and courage to push past the known zone, as well as self and others limiting beliefs.

Tammie’s obligation is to support others to step into their power by igniting their purpose, awakening their belief and recognising their potential to empower others transforming limiting beliefs & anxiety to action & purpose.

Tammie believes that the new way to achieve sustainable success is through priortising self-care, self-belief and empowering oneself that enables you to climb unimaginable heights whilst staying grounding and positively influencing those around you.

Tammie is passionate about sharing Empowered Leaders Message, Services & Products through the written & spoken word.


We all have a story to tell…

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It was such a pleasure to work with Tammie and be published in this fabulous magazine. Thank you for creating this. It’s such a wonderful way to hear about other women and the amazing work that they do.

– Kylie allen


As a contributor to this magazine working with Tammie has been so professional and such an honour. I am humbled to be involved, inspired and supported by a magazine designed for amazing Mumpreneurs x

– Caroline bellenger


It is such a great concept, wonen getting behind each other to inspire and uplift each other 💋
I love the content and the way you capture the issues at hand for where we are and how can move forward with being able to lean on each other for support. It allows us to see we are not alone in anyof this. Again great articles, great inspiration 💜💖. I LOVE it!

– Suellen pike