We all have a

story to share

Are you ready to share yours?

Empowered Publishing is a collective experience for women, where they have a safe space to tell their stories, be heard and then share it through the written word.

If you’re like many women, you struggle with self-belief and self-worth. However, through the support of empowered women, you’ll have a safe environment to open up, to begin to believe in yourself, and release your limitations.

You will feel confident in telling your own authentic story and letting your brilliance shine through.

In so doing, as you are empowered, you’ll empower others. That’s the beauty and the inspiration of Empowered Publishing.


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Empowered Publishing is passionate about helping Empowered Women share their message through the written word.

Not only do we publish books but also Digital Magazines. Our Mumpreneur Movement has gone global with a massive reach with impactful content


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We all have a story to tell that can inspire, uplift and empower others.

Are you ready to share yours?

– tammie pike

Tammie Pike

Meet the Creator

Magic Seeker, Mumpreneur and Speaker, Tammie is dedicated to helping you unlock the magic within you and your life.

Breaking the mould of what a ‘good’ woman should be, Tammie rose above limiting beliefs, post-natal depression and anxiety by changing and empowering her mindset and lifestyle, cultivating self-belief and having the strength and courage to push past the known zone to find the magic of being herself. This led Tammie to become the Empowered Woman she is today who runs successful businesses that takes her around the world speaking, mentoring, and facilitating at retreats, seeking magic wherever she goes.